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Daily fantasy sports bill passed by House in Mississippi

The Mississippi House reviewed two gambling bills on Thursday with only one earning the vote to move forward. The state has seen a daily fantasy sports bill move on to the Senate while a bill involving a state lottery has failed to pass muster.

According to the Mississippi Business Journal, House Bill 967 passed through the House after a second vote took place on Thursday. The bill had been voted on the day before but failed to gain the support it needed to move forward. However, the bill was able to earn a second vote the next day.

The bill would set an 8% tax on operators of daily fantasy sports in the state with the Mississippi Gaming Commission given the right to regulate DFS contests at casinos or online. The bill was actually created based on a study group recommendation after fantasy sports contests were legalized in 2016.

Daily fantasy sports bill passed by House in Mississippi

The regulator of DFS would have the ability to do background checks on operators with service providers having to obtain a state license, and an audit to be conducted each year. Those who take part in DFS contests will have to be at least 21 years of age, with monitoring put in place by regulators to ensure underage gambling does not take place.

The second bills under review were related to a State Lottery. Three bills involving lottery gaming for the state failed to move forward in the House. Despite the bills not moving forward, there is still potential for the state to offer lottery gaming. สล็อตเว็บตรง The Senate still has the potential to consider a proposal for the lottery in a budget bill and has the ability to meet a later deadline when it comes to filing and passing such legislation.