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Feathers are flying in Lightning Box’s new Chicken Fox online slot game

For quirky online slot fun, slot developer, Lightning Box, has decided to go a little crazy with their latest release. Chicken Fox is the new slot from the developer, offering a 3×5 grid where the hen house is in trouble. Every farmer wants to keep their chicken’s safe and a fox is not what want to see near their fowl. Spin the reels of this new game to see if the fox can get the chicken or if the poultry will stay safe!

Crazy Chicken Coop:

When you think of a chicken coop, you probably think of a stinky small house with chickens living inside, laying eggs and peaking each other. In Chicken Fox, the background is a chicken coop, but one filled with cash! On the reels, players will find the traditional A, K, Q and J symbols along with Wild Lady with a pie, a baby chick, a goat, pig and more.

The Wild Lady and Wild Fox are the two symbols players will want to see appear on the reels. The Wild Lady pays for three, four and five symbol matches on the reels. She also substitutes for all symbols except the golden egg. The lady will appear only during the base game.

Feathers are flying in Lightning Box’s new Chicken Fox online slot game

The fox only appears during the bonus games. He can be by himself or as a wild x2. This symbol will substitute for all chickens and will not substitute for the other fox symbol.

According to a press release…

Lightning Box co-founder and CEO, Peter Causely, commented on the new game by stating: “We’re thrilled to release our latest title, Chicken Fox, which should cause a bit of a flap. Its comically dark theme will have players chasing chickens up and down the reels.

It’s fun features and easy gameplay are what they have come to expect from Lightning Box, and we’re eager to hear their feedback from our latest creation.”

Additional Features:

In this game, the scatter symbol is the Bonus Golden Egg. This symbol pays for three, four and five matches. Players will earn eight bonus games with three symbols, 15 games for a four match and 30 bonus games with a five symbol match. This symbol appears only in the base game.

During the bonus games, players can access additional prizes when the fox symbols catch chickens. The rooster, white chicken, yellow chick and hen all pay extra when a Wild Fox or Wild Fox 2x catch them. When the fox symbols catch a white egg, even more bonus games are provided.